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“To associate women of all nationalities in Maharashtra state for mutual help and the service of others: to further in every way, the interests and advancement of women and children and to train women in the responsibilities of citizenship”

The Maharashtra State Women’s Council is committed to facilitating social change and the creation of a civic culture. Over the years, various governmental organisations and the public have come to recognize the Council as a consulting body on questions affecting women and children, and the Council has in turn participated actively in the campaign to enfranchise women. The Council believes that a democratically functional state cannot successfully function without adequate representation from women empowered to make a change.

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In 103 years of its existence, the council has had an impact on the lives of well over 150,000 individuals in dire need of help and support and the endeavour continues as vigorously as ever.

The Council fulfills diverse social and medical needs of marginalised women and children through rescue, rehabilitation and restoration. The Council manages several projects all focused on meeting these ends. Each project devised by the Council also finds a unique way of doing this. Each damaged individual is treated with love and care to restore her confidence and dignity. For those not needing rescue, there is still enrichment to be obtained. The Council embarks on a journey with each individual who needs urgent assistance. A woman is helped through the most vulnerable stages of her life to emerge as a confident individual ready to take on the challenges of society; every child is nurtured and loved through its formative years, laying the foundation to making him or her, a happy, well-adjusted individual, every senior is provided shelter and a welcoming environment in the evening of their lives. Besides rescue and providing shelter, the ultimate aim is to return these women and children back to society trained in different vocational skills to earn their livelihood and live with dignity.

The Council’s efforts have over the years been recognized through awards and laurels continue to come its way.  But the Council’s work is never finished. While its role continues to evolve with the changing context within which it operates, the Council is committed to continue its unstinting efforts until social conditions for women and children are bettered, and to keep reinventing itself to meet the challenges modern society keeps throwing at it.

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Mrs. Rekha Joshi


Dr (Mrs) Shirin Barodawala

Vice President

Mrs. Varuna Tambe

Hon. Treasurer

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Mrs. Nargis Currim

Managing Trustee MSWC

Mrs. Sucheta Vaidya

Managing Trustee MSWC

Mrs. Saroj Apte

Trustee MSWC

Mrs. Nina Advani

Trustee MSWC

Mrs. Leena Gokhale

Trustee MSWC

Mrs. Lalita Godbole

Trustee MSWC