Centenary Year
Asha sadan
What we do
Children’s Section
Asha Sadan is committed to the protection, rehabilitation, development and social re-integration of its wards. At any time there are up to 100 children living in Asha Sadan. Children are provided medical facilities through honorary doctors including pediatricians, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and hospitalization when required in JJ hospital or Jaslok hospital. The staff plans and provides for a balanced and nutritious diet for them, and 4 trained teachers and assistants are responsible for their education – basic reading and writing in Marathi and English, arithmetic, drawing, colouring, craftwork and games and physical exercise. But one of the most critical challenges faced by the organisation is that of integrating these severely deprived children into its fold, and into turning them into social beings, capable of trusting and loving once again. The staff spends much of their energies in creating a home-like atmostphere – organising sports days, picnics, outings, birthday parties, festival celebrations, special lunches, some of which are usually sponsored by kind donors.

Children leave Asha Sadan when they are adopted by couples in India and abroad, or in some cases handed over to biological parents who reclaim them. Children over the age of six are usually transferred to other institutions that specialize in the care of older children.
Girls’ Section
Girls come in, or are often brought into Asha Sadan in various ways.  Many of them are runaways, orphaned and destitute. Some are victims of rape, many are rescued from commercial sex work and trafficking, some are children of convicts or minor domestic workers and labourers who are incapable of supporting them. Some are minor unmarried mothers, and several are victims of domestic violence.

Around 90 – 100 girls are admitted at any point of time to Asha Sadan. Apart from catering to their medical needs through doctors including a GP, gynaecologist and a clinical psychologist, Asha Sadan makes a mission out of reinstating a sense of self esteem and self respect in these girls. Girls are offered education through state board  (SSC and HSC) or the National Open School system. They are encouraged to complete their school and high school board examinations upon entering the Home.  Apart from this, girls are also offered vocational training – basic computers, spoken English, tailoring, embroidery, cooking and beauty care – all of which go to ensure that they derive a sense of achievement and are empowered to stay independent when they go out into the world.

As with the children in its care, so with the girls. Asha Sadan believes that love, and reinstating a sense of belonging is paramount to their young wards’ integration into society as trusting, well adjusted individuals. An equal emphasis is laid on recreation, outings, camps; festival celebrations and other outdoor engagements are planned and executed with regularity