what we do
What We Do
Maharashtra State Women’s Council, a non-governmental organisation has over 14 projects, self created agencies and groups through which it seeks to achieve its objectives. The projects vary considerably in content and the people they target. They range from full-fledged residential institutions for destitute women and children to special programmes for the physically challenged and aged.

The Council’s administrative headquarters are in the Town Hall, in south Mumbai. The projects and the institutions it runs are spread around the city. Some of the key institutions and projects are:

  1. Asha Sadan – “House of Hope” – a home for destitute children up to the age of 6, and young girls aged 14-20 years who have no place to call home. The Adoption Group – a group that deals with adoption within India and abroad.
  2. Street Children Project– a day care and learning centre for children who live on the streets.
  3. Savera School – a school for mentally challenged children from underprivileged homes.
  4. Foster Care – A group that provides financial support to a child from a family hit by crisis.
  5. Bapnu Ghar – “Father’s House” – a safe haven for battered women in severe social distress.
  6. Abhilasha – which provides for nursery and pre-kindergarten education and midday meals for children, adult literacy classes, vocational training and support for women.
  7. Others
  • Library – A free open access library for students and others, providing access to 32000 books including textbooks and other reading material in Marathi, Hindi and English on a wide variety of subjects, and a Study Centre where students with no other facilities can come in and study through the day and late into the night.
  • Health Committee which works with family counseling, reproductive health and conducts camps for early detection of various diseases for the underprivileged. 
  • Lotus Home for Senior Women Citizens – A paid-for residential facility for women over 65 years of age.