Centenary Year
The Maharashtra State Women’s CouncilDuring the First World War, eminent women personalities like Lady Dorab J. Tata and others came together driven by a strong desire to alleviate the problems of under-privileged, poverty stricken women and children in Maharashtra and conceived of a movement.

But human suffering is not confined to wartime.

 This team of highly motivated women recognised its extreme form in a city even during peacetime, as far back as 1919, and searched for ways to alleviate it. They created the Bombay Presidency Women’s Council, an organisation that would devote itself to the cause of easing lives of women and children who were in extreme distress. The organisation was rechristened the Maharashtra State Women’s Council (MSWC) in 1962. For 100 years, this non-governmental organisation has brought like-minded women together in the service of others, to help tackle social and medical problems faced by poor women and children in the city.

 The Council which was founded with the primary aim of mutual help and service to others, carries forward in every way the interests and advancement of underprivileged women and children and attempts to re-integrate them into the folds of society, thereby creating in them an acceptance of the responsibilities of citizenship. The council strongly believes for a nation to prosper there should be strong focus on improving the economic status of disadvantaged women in society. A society that cannot care for its women and children cannot be healthy. This goal of the council has been uppermost in the minds of its various functionaries in the past and present who continuously strive to achieve this principal objective.

The entire management and administration of the council and its various projects is carried out by its members who are volunteers and work on a full - time basis pro-bono. They are associated by trained staff who provide care and support to the women and children of all the projects.