Centenary Year
Credit or Debit Card payment options

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Thank you for choosing to support us. Your contribution will go a long way in reinforcing the work that we do, and to ensure that we continue to work successfully towards the empowerment of underprivileged women and children.

We are a trust registered in India and your donations may be exempt from taxes as your home country allows. Tax deductions under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act apply for Indian citizens.

While a donation of any amount is welcome, you could choose to support any of our specific projects, or donate generally to enable us to allocate funds to specific projects as required.

Your donation will be used judiciously towards education, health and nutrition expenses of the residents of our institutions, and towards administrative and operating purposes to ensure that our programmes continue to run uninterrupted.  
Cheque Payments
Please write a cheque in favour of “THE MAHARASHTRA STATE WOMEN'S COUNCIL” and mail it to the following address:

Maharashtra State Women’s Council
Town Hall
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
Mumbai - 400 001
Tel.          : +91 22 2266 2013
Telefax    : +91 22 2266 4834
Email       : mswcouncil@gmail.com

Please do not forget to write your name, email id, and specific project to which you wish to donate and purpose of donation (if any) at the back.

Individuals who are Indian Residents and wish to make a donation are requested to submit a copy of their PAN Cards. Donar organisations are requested to submit a copy of their Registration Certificate.
Bank Transfers

For Donations in Foreign Currency 

You may transfer funds electronically to our bank account as under

Bank Name       :     Union Bank of India
Bank Address   :      66/80 Mumbai Samachar Marg,
                              Post Bag No. 253 518 Fort,
                              Mumbai 400023

 Phone No.       :      +91 22 22629300

Account Number  : 318702010009999  (FCRA Account)
Account Name     : MSWC Child Welfare Account
IFSC Code           : UBIN0531791
  Documents to be sent to us along with 
  1.    Copy of passport (if you are donating as an individual donor)
  2.    Copy of registration certificate (if you are a donor organisation)
  3.    Telephone Number(s)
  4.    Current mailing address
  5.    Email address

For Donations in Local Currency

For Asha Sadan:

Bank Name       :    Union Bank of India
Bank Address   :     Samson Apartments, 
                           Umerkhadi co-op Housing Society,
                           Ltd, 57, Ramchandra Bhatta Marg, 
                           Null Bazar, Mumbai 400003

 Phone No.       :      +91 22 23773081 / +91 22 23744107

Account Number   : 318702010029260 
Account Name      : MSWC Asha Sadan
IFSC Code            : UBIN0531871

For all other MSWC Projects:

Bank Name       :     Union Bank of India
Bank Address   :     Mumbai Samachar Marg Branch
                               Mumbai Samachar Marg
                               Mumbai 400 023

Account Number   : 317902012027898 
Account Name      : Maharashtra State Women's Council
IFSC Code            : UBIN0531791

  Documents to be sent to us along with 
  1.    Copy of your PAN Card and Registration Certificate (for donar organisations)

  2.    Telephone Number(s)
  3.    Current mailing address
  4.    Email address

Please email us your details and documents at: