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The MSWC Adoption Group
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The MSWC Adoption Group
Adoption means the process through which the adopted child is permanently separated from his or her biological parents and becomes the legitimate child of the adoptive parents, with all rights, privileges and responsibilities that are attached to the relationship. Adoption of orphan, abandoned and surrendered children in India is governed by a set of guidelines notified by CARA, under The Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India.
The Adoption Group’s aim, like all other institutions within the MSWC is to work tirelessly against the permanent institutionalisation of young children.
The Adoption Group of the MSWC works in line with CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) guidelines towards its goal of facilitating adoption and ensuring that a maximum number of children find secure homes in India and abroad.  Differently-abled children are also placed in adoptive homes, usually overseas.
The number of adoption inquiries continue to rise in India, a welcome trend.
Over 1000 children have been placed by the Adoption Group till date over the last few decades.